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Hi, I’m Dave and I know all too well the frustration (and sometimes desperation) that hospital communication systems can inspire. I myself have ended up in tears when, as a Registrar, one of my patients went to ICU because I missed my pager and no one rang or texted.

There I was, my patient dying, and instead I was hauled in for a performance review for apparently failing to communicate. I was left angry, isolated, burnt out wondering - why is no one here to help?

And in the midst of the despair, it occurred to me - this isnt my fault.

Switchboard? Paper phone lists? Pagers? We save lives with millions of dollars of dialysis and ventilators and yet we have missed calls, wrong numbers, no answer and can spend hours every day just trying to contact each other.

And so, Unpage Me was born. By Doctors, for Doctors. We have one mission - to make sure that you (the most venerable and most junior doctors in hospitals) ALWAYS have access to the phone numbers you need to look after yourselves, each other and your patients.

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Connect with other doctors

Junior doctors suffer the highest rates of burn out, depression and suicide of any profession. They have the responsibility of sick patients on their shoulders. To help carry that responsibility, you need tools to communicate.

Unpage Me is working on a way for doctors to connect with each other through our app so as to facilitate better patient care and ease of communication.

Intern, Thoracic Medicine
St. Vincent’s Hospital
I think what Unpage Me is doing is awesome! So many of us Junior doctors are stressed and need help but it’s so difficult communicating in hospitals. Having Unpage Me makes it so much easier for us to help ourselves and each other.
Ophthalmology Registrar,
Sydney Eye and POW
I love using Unpage Me! I use it all the time to call or add my own notes and numbers. I don’t have to wait on hold with switch forever anymore only to get the wrong number. It’s saved me so much time since I started using it.
Medical resident, RPAH
U guys have brought our dreams to reality, excited for the updates!
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